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Some Fun At The Office

by A Friend

Although people rarely perceive anything humorous about their own conditioning, there is something often comical about conditioned behavior when we observe it without identification. And one doesn’t need to be a student of The Way to see the humor.

Take the circus as an example. At the circus, the clown’s act is often just a rowdy exaggeration of Not-I behaviors. The audience, watching the clown’s behavior as unidentified observers, can’t stop laughing as the clowns play out a comedic narrative told by bopping each other on the head and other memed demonstrations of conditioned behavior.

And the Not-I’s are great recipe ingredients for sitcoms too.

For nine seasons, the hit television show The Office entertained viewers with its humorous portrayal of the social circus inside a Scranton paper company office. The show’s success is entirely based in its comedic depiction of the Not-I’s in the interactions of the cast members.

As an exercise, watch an episode or two of The Office and make a game out of counting how many times you hear someone complaining, sticking up for rights, blaming, pleasing others as a means of manipulation, putting on a front, or appealing to an authority.

Maybe microwave some popcorn and make an evening out of it. Who says Work can’t be fun!

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