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Xpression through the Visual Translation of AI

by Craig

I’ve been playing quite a bit lately with AI generated art. It’s quite amazing how this technology can interpret words of imaginative idea and translate those words into a powerful expression of visual form.

The following gallery of images was produced using Midjourney.

The Persistence of Dreams and Nightmares

Personally speaking, water has always been a resonant metaphor for the conscious, unconscious, and collective unconscious—the underwater world as the unconscious mind, and the endless sea as a metaphor for the collective unconscious.

While experimenting with blending techniques in Midjourney, AI produced a surprising base image that set imagination ablaze. Altogether, a dozen images were produced, composited, and blended in Photoshop to produce this composition.  

It’s labeled “The Persistence of Dreams and Nightmares” as a tribute to Salvadore Dali, the artist of inspiration. (One of Dali’s most famous paintings is titled The Persistence of Time).

However, it could just as well be named “The Persistence of Desires and Fears.”

The Garden

I was in the process of updating a talk using symbology from the Garden story in preparation for making a video when I was “guided” to AI generated art.

In the original 2019 talk, I used classical paintings from different artists rendered into vector to create a sense of unity in style. It worked for its purpose, but I always wished there was a way of creating a truly synthesized aesthetic. I also wished there was a way to create additional images to accompany points that weren’t illustrated in classical paintings.

By using AI generated art, all of this is possible. This series was produced by unifying the styles of Rubens and Rembrandt.

Isn’t it truly remarkable what happens when we ‘get out of the way’ and just let grace “do the how.”

Lucifer the Angel of Light

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