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Illuminating the Tree of Knowledge (SAND19 Talk)

by Craig

In 2019, I shared a talk introducing Dr. Bob’s Picture of Man (POM) and Picture of Conditioned Man (POCM) to an audience at SAND19. For those unfamiliar with the conference, the SAND (Science and Non-Duality) organization hosts events every year providing a forum for sharing ideas with focus on non-duality. The SAND community is an delightful mix of spiritual teachers and students, philosophers, artists, physicists, cognitive scientists, and others—lot’s of unique voices all expressing a shared truth.

I hadn’t looked at that talk in some time. After discussing it with a friend recently, I revisited the presentation and spent a little time word smithing and updating the imagery. It’s posted below as a PDF for anyone interested.

The Fall of Man parable as used in the talk inspired the theme for this web site. Although discussion about Conditioned Man is adapted into symbology of the Garden story, the POM and teaching ideas are directly traced to Dr. Bob’s Science of Man.

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