The Science of Man
School Program

The Science of MAN:
The Fourth Way School of Dr. Bob Gibson

Dr. Bob Rhondell Gibson

In the late 1980’s, Dr. Robert (“Dr. Bob”) Rhondell Gibson produced The Science of Man school program as a series of 48 weekly lessons on audio cassette tapes for students unable to participate in live groups. This lesson series, also referred to as “The 48-Weeks” or “The 48-Tapes”, has been a launching point for discovery and liberation for generations of students.


Although the audio cassettes were originally designed for use by independent students, the program has also been a teaching foundation for numerous study groups focused on the work of self-knowing.


Those familiar with the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and J. Krishnamurti will recognize some familiar ideas and spiritual work approach—objective self-observation as a process of exposing the operations of the conditioned self, purifying perception, and disidentification from the ego. Beyond those shared principles, Rhondell’s Science of Man is a unique expression of the Great Teaching, universally regarded by students as accessible, direct, and complete as a school of spiritual work.

Science of Man

School Lessons

The progression of lessons is specific and each tape/video is designed as a weekly lesson. It is recommended that you progress in sequence and at the weekly pace as designed.  

Lessons for Weeks 13-48

Use the accordion toggles below to view lessons for weeks 13-48.

NOTE: We are currently in process of producing video versions of all 48 weeks of Dr. Bob’s teachings. We will be updating this page as new videos are completed. In the meantime, audio files and transcripts for all 48-weeks can be found on

“Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!
for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. ”

- Luke 17:21