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Grigori’s Diary

by Craig

So what do spies, cigars, and Sufi’s share in common? Welcome to Grigori’s Diary—a story about a disenchanted CIA officer who discovers an unexpected secret during his pursuit to recruit a mysterious Russian professor.

The story concept originated from a humorous thought about what an uninitiated person might think if they read someone’s spiritual work journal with its catalogue of self-observations, intimations, third-person references to identity, etc. In the role of vocation, the author is a security consultant and travels occasionally to locations were national security services are  known for invasive curiosity of Americans working in security capacities.

Just some fun expressing spiritual work ideas in the form of a screenplay.

For those new to reading screenplays, here’s a key to some terms:

  • INT. – Interior (e.g., building, room ,etc.)
  • EXT. – Exterior (i.e., outdoors)
  • (V.O.) – Voice over. Used to indicate dialogue spoken by someone not currently seen on screen.
  • (BEAT) – Indicates a pause in speaking.
  • (45) – Age of the character. Only used when a new character is introduced in the story.
  • SUPER: – Text superimposed on the screen.
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