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Last Toast to Bassmi

by Craig

On October 26, 2019, Bassmi Ibrahim departed the party.

The art world knew Bassmi as an abstract expressionist with a painting method and vision that often strips people of words. Although art critics often focus on his talent and technique, I suspect Bassmi’s popularity stemmed from the way his paintings convey a mysterious, yet familiar understanding we all share as human beings.

The author knew Bassmi as a friend and fellow companion on The Way.

Cultural tradition says today is a day to wear black as proper expression of grief and sorrow.

But I can’t wear black today. For black was never a dominant color in Bassmi’s palette.

As reflected in his art, Bassmi was a man of true light–bright, dynamic, loving, and joyful!

And beyond the veil of his quiet humility, lay deep wisdom and insight into the mysteries of life.

And one of the mysteries Bassmi knew well is that life and death are inseparable parts of the creative act…the process of form emerging into and out of being, the abstruse dance of God’s hand, which Bassmi expressed so beautifully through his work.

And with his passing, a humble artist brushed the final stroke of his greatest masterpiece.

That being the life of Bassmi Ibrahim, himself.

A friend and mentor.

A most beautiful man.

If you’d like to see more of Bassmi’s Xpression, visit: www.bassmi.com.

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