Biblical legend tells of a couple who lived in a grand garden of paradise—a world of perfection where all they needed was provided, life was eternal, and they directly communed with the divine source of their creation. That is, until they were expelled into a hostile world after eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


The significance of the Garden story varies among people. To some, it’s a record of sacred history. To others, simply a folktale. Regardless, Eden has become a universal symbol of an ideal existence far removed from the perceived flaws and pains of our world.


Yet, maybe there’s an inner message with meaning for all of us. And here we offer a hypothesis:

Man never left Eden. He only lost sight of it.
Perhaps what the parable describes as exile is a matter of distorted perception resulting from intoxication by the fruit of judgement.

The aim in proposing this idea is not to encourage new beliefs. On the contrary, confidence in untested belief is the fertile ground of deception. Rather, this idea is offered as a thesis statement. A possible launching point for experimentation and personal discovery.


The videos, essays, and exercises presented on this site offer an opportunity for testing this hypothesis. And along The Way, perhaps revealing new depths of love and freedom in the experience of living.

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"I am only waiting to use thy body to radiate forth My love and life, waiting until thou shalt give up thy so-called knowledge of good and evil, and surrender unto Me."

- Life's Word, IV